Recruitment And Training

We follow a well researched recruitment procedure. Procurement of the correct people is the need for providing efficient security services to one and all.

We have advised stringent parameters for the recruitment of our security guards. Desirable attributes include aptitude, education, age, physical fitness and social background. Our guards are personally handpicked by our field experts and go through further and repeated scrutiny and in house verification by our team. We also look into minor details and obtain valid age proofs and residential proofs.

Police verification is conducted at regular intervals to ensure maximum safety. The recruitment group follows a comprehensive recruitment procedure to ensure customized security services to all clients. Our Team, in addition to being experts in security, are also experts in personal assessment. Recruitment paves for a rigorous training procedure where each guard goes through rigorous physical and mental grinding. We impart advanced skills to our security personnel such as acquisition of combative skills, handing weapons (guns etc.), monitoring first aid and register maintenance alongside the basic duties. We also impart specialized skills in the area of fire fighting.